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For web orders, we require 3 days to ensure we have time to make our products.  If you need something sooner, please call us at 508-881-1853.  We often have products in the store and ready to go. For Store Pick up let us know whether you would like to pick up from Framingham or Ashland Store.

What makes Dulce’s pies unique


Butter, and lot’s of it.  That’s the key to a great tasting crust.  We’ve all been there before: that point where you’re eating a pie and you decide the crust just isn’t worth the calories.  Then you realize that the filling tastes just like the canned stuff, probably because it is!  We’re not going to do that to you.

Our all-butter crust is kept soft and tender and rolled out cold on a long bed sheeter.  It has similar rolling action to hand rolling.  The high-throughput pie crust stamping machines used elsewhere don’t really work with an all butter crust.  Of course, it takes longer to roll out a dough than to stamp it, but great taste and texture is worth the extra work.


All of our fillings are pre-cooked from fresh or frozen fruit, sugar, tapioca starch, and modified tapioca starch.  Low acid fruits receive some lemon juice to ensure an appealing sweet-tart balance.  The benefit of pre-cooking the filling is that it gives us more control over the cooking procedure when we bake the pie, so we can focus on crisping the crust in our stone-floor oven and removing the pie before it burns.

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