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How special are our specialty desserts?


We mentioned in the home page that we won “Best Dessert” at the Taste of MetroWest for three consecutive years.  Yes we took the gelato, the alfajores, and the chocolates too, but we believe it’s our irresistible specialty desserts that really set us apart from the competition.  These are the desserts that people cross state lines to buy, and the ones they get upset about if we run out. 


Our tres leches is a very simple dessert; fresh made sponge cake soaked in a blend of condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream. Timing and ingredients are both critical to getting the perfect creamy texture instead of the almost “chalky” tres leches that comes frozen from the big restaurant suppliers.  Of course, we top it with generous quantity of Argentinian style dulce de leche instead of the traditional whipped cream, because it’s caramelly goodness complements the three milks in the cake.


Our tiramisu is the equally delicious opposite of the tres leches.  Simplicity is replaced by beautifully complex flavors of Marsala, Madeira, Armagnac, and freshly brewed espresso all coming together in a rich and creamy custard that is enriched with mascarpone cheese and ever so slightly lightened with whipped cream.  It took us two years of refinements to perfect this expression of flavor and texture.

For web orders, we require 3 days to ensure we have time to make our products.  If you need something sooner, please call us at 508-881-1853.  We often have products in the store and ready to go. For Store Pick up let us know whether you would like to pick up from Framingham or Ashland Store.

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