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Cookies Bars & Pops

Treat yourself to hard-to-find cookies and treats from South America and to richer versions of America’s favorites like brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  A friend once criticized our brownies as being too satisfying, saying “How are you ever going to make money if people are satisfied after eating only one!”


The Argentinian style alfajores are larger than typical of the rest of South America and have a hint of lemon zest.The chocolate alfajores are a completed different cookie with a bit of orange peel oil and the same dark chocolate we use to make our luxurious dark chocolate bars.   Many of our Ashland customers have referred to our chocolate chip cookies as the best around, perhaps because we stick to a traditional buttery recipe but put in twice as many chocolate chips as the original. 


Finally, our newest additions to the menu include cake pops, made with our scratch-baked cakes, held together with our ganaches, buttercream or carameliciously good dulce de leche, and then coated in high-quality European chocolate, not candy-melt.  What can we say, you get better cake pops by having a baker and artisan chocolatier working together!  They’re not on for sale on the website yet, but they’re already in store and coming here soon!


We can make a custom party platter or gift basket based our cookies and dessert bars quickly upon request at our Ashland bakery.  Perfect for that afternoon team meeting when you really want to treat your coworkers, employees, or clients.  Just give us a call (we’ll eventually get that option online too).

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