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Easter chocolates for those who expect great flavor


Ever had a disappointing Easter bunny?  Really sugary, kind of waxy, and not very chocolatey?  We make our Easter bunnies and eggs out of the same awesome chocolate blends that we use to make our luxurious truffles and bonbons....and we make it look good too.  Sam spent years developing themes for decorating our chocolate Easter eggs, and Jules remains true to her favorite elements while continuing to refine the look a bit each year.  Our decorated eggs are filled with Jelly Belly beans and a chocolate, but we can add special surprises upon request.  We also offer personalized eggs with names handwritten on them.

Our custom decorated egg can take up to 3 days to finish.  If you need something sooner, please call us at 508-881-1853.  We often have products in the store and ready to go.  If you can pick up in Ashland, we can usually customize an egg while you wait.  For Store Pick up let us know whether you would like to pick up from Framingham or Ashland Store.

If you want custom cakes then please click the button below and send us a request.
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