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Chocolates are designed by Jules to be bold versions of traditional flavors.  Our milk chocolate has more cacao and 30% less sugar than typical milk chocolate, and we use four different dark chocolates and blends as shells for our dark chocolates and chocolate bars.  Each chocolate is sized for two bites or to cut in half and share.  Complex flavors develop in your mouth over several seconds, so treat these like a fine wine or whiskey: keep them in your mouth for at least 10 seconds chew slowly for the best flavor experience!

Our caramel is a special treat, being enriched with dulce de leche which brings extra protein for more flavor than a traditional caramel made with just butter, heavy cream, sugar, and glucose.  The change allows us to stay softer and less sweet while cooking to a higher temperature for more caramel flavor.  A side benefit (according to several of our customers) is that it is less sticky and they find it more pleasant to chew than other caramel.  This caramel plays a central role in our turtles, sea salt chocolate dipped caramels, and softened caramels like the caramel filled milk chocolate bar.

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