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Foods We

Gelato & Sorbetto Lactose-free

Gelato was our first love, and we found that lactose-free dairy makes it taste even better.  In Sam's home country of Argentina, the large Italian population introduced gelato, and it was fused with local flavors.  We honor that tradition, and go a step further to bring you some of the best gelato you've ever tried!

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Our scratch made cakes and pies are loaded with the good stuff: butter, chocolate, fruit.  A tiramisu that is rich and complex with fresh espresso, wines and cognac, egg yolks and mascarpone.  Of course, the most popular cake is tres leches topped with dulce de leche.  We keep a variety of slices and whole cakes available daily for a treat or a celebration.


Our all-butter crust gets rave reviews whether it's holding a fruit pie or a savory quiche.  We make fruit fillings with a robust sweet-tart balance, going easy on the sugar.  Even our pecan pie comes across as rich, eggy, buttery, and not evilly sweet.  We bake pies every Friday during farmers market seasons, but our Ashland bakery can bake them almost anytime with a couple hours notice.   Our quiche are loaded with cheese and baked at low temperature with steam to keep them creamy.

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Artisan Chocolates

Jules brings his background in materials science and crystallization to creating fabulously delicious artisan chocolates.  While many chocolatiers focus on wowing your eyes, we focus on wowing your taste buds; OK, we make them pretty too.  Rich flavors and awesome textures; contrast and complement between chocolate shell and filling; those are our design priorities.

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The chicken pot pie is probably our most popular dinner, and many people buy them as  gifts for friends and family.  From traditional comfort foods like lasagna and shepherd's pies to Thai Curries, Indian Tikka, and vegetarian spinach and feta pie.  We make them fresh, delicious, and filling to keep in your freezer for those days when you just don't feel like cooking or eating out.

Beef lasagna cooked pan.jpg

Cappuccino  and Pastry

Americano, cappuccino, lattes, and more.  Chai brewed in house, and some of the richest hot chocolate you've ever had.  These go great with our sweet or savory croissants, top-notch alfajores (so say the Argentinian customers), and rich cookies and dessert bars.

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