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Chocolates We Make

All chocolates have been designed by Jules and continue to be made directly by him and his sons.  The chocolate we work with is sourced from French and Belgian producers, then used by us to create a delicious range of boldly flavored fillings inside of chocolate shells.

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Chocolates we make

Below you find a description of the different categories of chocolates shown in the above picture guide.  Our creations are shaped based on dominant theme, and then colored or marked to distinguish between variations within the theme.


Our truffles have flavorful ganache based fillings inside of chocolate shells.  We use a variety of different chocolate to make shells to pair with our different fillings.

Dulce de Leches

Filled with extra thick dulce de leche, gently oven roasted to remove more moisture and add flavor, then blended with melted cocoa butter and butter oil to form a rich caramelly ganache.


Similar to our truffles, but with added texture, including chopped hazelnuts, chopped toffee, and gluten-free rice crisps

Tahitian Vanilla Truffles

The base ganache is made by cooking Tahitian vanilla beans in syrup and clarified butter to extract the complex flavors.  White chocolate is then added to create a super aromatic white chocolate ganache.  The ganache is served in both milk and dark chocolate shells for contrast.  Finally, the ganache can be blended with other ingredients.  We make a version with thick mango jam and another with ground candied violet petals all year.  For Valentines and Mothers Days, we also make a version flavored with house-made strawberry jam and freeze dried powdered strawberries.


Our house-made marzipan contains finely ground almonds, super-finely ground sugar with just a few larger particles left for texture, rose water, bitter almond extract, and invert sugar to get the perfect texture.  We also have versions flavored with pureed  cherries in syrup and with orange peel oil.  Sometimes, we even made marzipan with pistachio flour and rum to add to our mozart Tanguitos

Chopped Nuts in Soft Caramel

Nuts, caramel, and chocolate go perfectly together.  Our soft caramel is made from our firm caramel by melting with a little water and invert sugar, then heating to a slightly lower temperature.  Starting with the firm caramel means that our soft caramel was cooked to a higher temperature for more flavor before softening.  The nuts for these flowers are house-roasted from raw nuts, then chopped and sieved to get the size pieces that work best in these beautifully delicious flowers.


Our special blend of finely ground dried coconut with lactose-depleted skim milk powder and white chocolate ganache.  Delicious with cardamom, chopped almonds, or alone.  For coconut lovers, try the coconut almond tanguito for a larger portion of this filling, blended with sweetened shredded coconut and chopped roasted almonds.

Salted Caramels in chocolate

Our original caramel, the starting point for all other caramel items we make.  Stirred to a higher temperature than many other caramels and with extra milk proteins to keep it from getting too hard.  Dipped in milk or dark chocolate and sprinkled with fleur de sel (a flat large crys expression of salt)


The Nocci doesn't really fit in a category with anything else.  It is simply pure, unsweetened hazelnut butter blended with our melted 68% dark chocolate blend, then cast, cut, and rolled in cocoa powder.  It is luxurius, diabetic friendly with only 1.8 grams of sugar per piece, and vegan.

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