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Fresh Artisan Breads Every Saturday

Ready for pickup in our Ashland store on Saturday morning

Framingham Location

5 Edgell Rd,

Framingham, MA 01701

(508) 309-3406

Ashland Location

200 Homer Ave,

Ashland, MA 01721

(508) 881-1853

Featured Products

These products aren't just our best-sellers and our customer's go-to favorite treats... they're the heart and soul of our business. These are the sweet treats that started it all. Learn more!


"The best chocolate you will ever taste and the only lactose free gelato in the world is so good you will become a instant fan."

James Towne

Facebook Fan

"The best gelato I've had since I was in Italy! Don't miss it whenever you're in the Framingham area."

Brett Peruzzi

Facebook Fan

"Best Gelato in Massachusetts. Best lunch sandwiches and espresso. Incredible pastries and tres leeches cake."

Ingrid Centurion

Facebook Fan

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The Sweetest Secret
Outside of Boston

There’s a reason we’ve been voted “Best Desserts of Metrowest” for 3 years in a row. Because all of our recipes have been deliciously refined over the years by two food lovers in love. 


  • Artisan chocolates

  • Legendary tiramisu

  • Lactose-free gelato

  • Custom cakes to order

  • Gourmet frozen dinners (shhh we won’t tell!)

  • Mouthwatering sandwiches

  • The perfect cup of coffee


We even offer corporate catering and a

community event space in our Ashland location!


So stop by and see us if you


  • Have an uncontrollable urge for world class gelato

  • Crave a gourmet dinner but don’t feel like cooking

  • Want a custom cake that steals the show

  • Need to feed your chocolate addiction


"I got to the party and realized mine was one of 3 flourless chocolate cakes (tiramisu's, etc) and I was kind of bummed. As soon as one person tried the one I brought from Dulce, there was an "OH, MY, GOD" and the other desserts were ignored until it was gone"

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the art & science of delicious

Cakes & Treats

chocolates 2.jpg

the art & science of delicious


gelato 2.jpg

the art & science of delicious

Gelato & Sorbet

Feasts for the Foodie


Okay, we get it.  Grocery store baked goods are convenient - but they’ll never wow your guests or deliver the absolute decadence you’ve been looking for. 


Grocery store baked goods are usually too sweet - and there’s a reason why. Using extra sugar extends the shelf life of a product and is an inexpensive way to make the consistency “heavier.”


At Dulce D Leche, we use high quality ingredients and higher concentrations of chocolate and fruit, which is why our customers look forward to making the trip to our Ashland and Framingham stores.


“Cheaper than Boston, tastes better,

and free parking!”


That’s what our last customer told us.  Several of our most steadfast fans have called us the best chocolatier in the world. Other seasoned travelers have told us they prefer our gelato over Italy’s.


Could they be right? 

There’s only one way to find out.

(Did we mention the free parking?)

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chocolates 6.jpg

“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

5 Edgell Rd

Come visit our chocolatier extraordinaire Jules Remenar and his team at our Ashland and Framingham locations and taste for yourself why we’re got the best gourmet chocolates, desserts, cakes, and gelato west of Boston.


200 Homer Ave

Framingham Location

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Ashland Location

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