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Cupcakes, Chocolate & Vanilla Assortment

Cupcakes, Chocolate & Vanilla Assortment


Our cupcakes feature the same scratch-made cake batters and frostings as our full-sized cakes for the best tasting cupcake you can find.  We are not in the business of making theme-decorated cupcakes to win a TV show contest.  We are here to taste delicious and look good doing it.  We are happy to provide colored frostings on orders of 12 or more cupcakes.  We can usually fill an order of up to 150 cupcakes next day.  Larger orders can take a few days.

  • Lead time for online orders

    Lead time for online orders is 3 days.  For same day or next day cupcake orders, please call our Ashland bakery at 508-881-1853.  Due to staff shortages, same day cupcakes and next day cupcakes must be picked up at our Ashland bakery unless we are able to include them in a delivery run to Framingham.  We typically transport foods to Framingham around 3 PM on weekdays and 11 AM on Sundays.  Our Ashland bakery is a 10 minute drive from our Framingham store.

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